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Two renowned concert pianists & piano professors & accompanists are now accepting new students into their central Edmonton studio in Crestwood for beginners and advanced study:

Dr. Mikolaj Warszynski & Zuzana Simurdova, MgA.

Teaching experience at Universities, Conservatories & Music schools in Canada, Czech, France & South Korea,

and recent performance tours across China, Europe, and Canada.

Bring music and artistry to your home!

The goal is to encourage the musical growth of our students and foster general appreciation and respect for the classical music tradition.
We come from families with musical and pedagogical backgrounds. For over 20 years, we have experience teaching piano in Europe, Canada, and Asia. As pianists and piano professors, we encourage our students to follow their passion in music.
We are both multi-lingual and can offer music lessons in many languages:
We incorporate a synthesis of pedagogical materials to meet the needs of all our students!
Beside students recitals, we are also preparing students for the Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations according to the official piano syllabus from the introductory level through 
Grade 10 and beyond!
In addition to piano lessons, we also offer optional lessons in music theory and solfége.
We are also passionate accompanists, and are interested to work alongside other singers & instrumentalists in preparation for their recital performances!

Crestwood|Edmonton, AB|CANADA |

Tel: 587 596 4025| 587 783 0527|

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